April 2017 – first vacation together

This is why I created this site; April was only 4 months ago and I can’t remember most of the details from our trip.  I do remember the desperation for warm weather and a moment in the sun.

First of all, we were really lucky that we could take advantage of a family rental in Ft. Myers Beach. The trip didn’t cost us much between saving on a hotel and the general affordability of staying at a house. We took it easy, didn’t make many plans, and relaxed.

Here’s what we did:

Laid on the beach, for many hours, reading books. Made a drippy sandcastle, got a little too much sun, had a sand fight (yes we’re children).

Townie bar (x4) – and people watched. The 50 somethings running the show down here are truly living life – rocking out, dancing, singing. I wondered a lot about what retirement is going to mean for me – maybe something similar?

Doc’s Beach House  – ridiculously good views of the sunset. You might be lucky and make friends with two rich grandmas on vacation who try to feed you potato chips. Random fact: there is this thing called the “Green Flash” that happens when the sun sets on the water. In the final moments of sunset, right when the last bit of sun slips into the water, there is a bright green flash. I’m not sure what causes it, but we didn’t see it. I’m still a bit skeptical.

The Doghouse – ate one of every hotdog they offered and wasn’t disappointed. I’d like to mention this was pre-beach. Who pregames the beach with a bunch of hotdogs?

The Tuckaway – SOLID bagel sandwich. First steamed bagel I’ve ever had – and loved, but really it’s the waffle that stole the show. Crunchy and sweet, the whipped cream topping is a must.

I would come back.


Posted by:Kirby

Dogs. Food. Plants. In that order.

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