The Place: El Taco Riendo

The Food: Chicken Chimichanga, Chicken Fajitas. Vegetarian options available!

The Drink(s): Mexican Coke

The Atmosphere:  Casual

The Service: friendly, quick

The Spendyness: $ –  large portions for the price

Bike Friendly: yes – in the way that all places are bike friendly

Dog Friendly: no – it’s an indoor restaurant

Bonus — it’s right down the street from my favorite brewery, Fair State Brewing Cooperative, so if you have a beer too many (which is easy to do), throwing down tacos is always a good decision

August 2017

Hands down my favorite spot for Mexican food in Minneapolis. Great variety of food, meats, vegetarian options, inexpensive, generous portions, authentic, and I could keep going. Central Ave in general offers a global variety of food, El Taco Riendo being one of them.

This was obviously not my first time here. I opted for fajitas which was not my usual. I typically order 4 tacos – two chicken, one beef, one pork, and all of the salsa. Anyway, the fajitas were great, well seasoned, plenty of sides, not too heavy, and overall very satisfying. The chimichanga was the heavyweight, deep-fried, slathered in sauce, topped with cheese — truly coma inducing.

Mexican food is always a good decision.

Posted by:Kirby

Dogs. Food. Plants. In that order.

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