“Made by women, for women.”

I had high hopes when I went onto their website. Comfort AND style. But for some reason I expected this company to showcase people of all shapes and sizes. If Lively truly is made by women, for women, I expect their models to represent a wide variety of figures, of real people. The site has one, maybe two pictures that show a woman with some curves, either at the bottom of the webpage or hidden in one of their blog posts — but none of the large photos or the bra models look like someone I know.

Don’t get me wrong. I give them credit for their variety of women of color, but I really hoped to see someone without a perfect stomach and perky breasts. How can we picture ourselves in a product without seeing someone who looks a bit like us in them? Give me small boobs, big boobs, oddly shaped boobs, saggy boobs — the gamut!

Comfort means a lot of different things to people based on their unique shape.

Show me how your company’s underwear looks like on someone with hips, a booty! I could only imagine how their panties would cut into my sides while looking at the model with her perfectly round size 4 butt.

I appreciate what they are trying to do and I admit they got me as far as to click on their ad.

I also recognize that I sound like SUCH a millennial. Do more, be better, we ask of everyone. All I’m saying is that it would be nice for the fashion industry to start showcasing on a more regular basis, the beauty and uniqueness of all people. Dove does it, Aerie does it, and damn do I like it. This isn’t about Lively in particular, this is about fashion in general.

I’m glad we’re heading in the right direction, of embracing our uniqueness. I’m just anxious for more.

Update: I’m happy to see that Lively has included more diverse women – of body type, of color, all of the above, to their campaigns.

Posted by:Kirby

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