Monday: deceivingly AMAZING tacos at Pinches — you have to try the Gringo Taco — deep fried and topped with cream sauce…need I say more? For dinner I had my first revolving sushi experience at Kura in Japantown, where mindful eating is really put to the test…not that I ever practiced it. It’s endless sushi, so just – you know – think twice before taking another plate. Needless to say, Japantown had me from the start. I’m a big fan of noodles, and everywhere I turned there was a steamy bowl of noodles to ogle.

For dessert we decided to get cream puffs to-go (my stomach was going to explode from sushi) from Beard Papa’s. I know, I know, the name is incredibly random but I’m telling you these cream puffs are legit. I could eat one every single day. In fact, I would like one RIGHT NOW.

Tuesday: We started our day taking the metro to Grand Central Market where we got breakfast sams at Eggslut. Not only do I like the name but damn is that a good breakfast sandwich. Just all around decadent, bun to bun. They have a few other locations so if you ever see this pop-up on your Yelp, GO THERE.

Since we had time to kill before our WB studio tour, I had a beer from Golden Road Brewing, picked up some snacks from a local vendor, and decided to venture the Universal Studios City Walk to try a Voodoo Donut, or as it would end up, a couple of donuts. I had two donuts which were weird but tasted great to my novice taste-buds. Look I don’t think there has ever been a donut I didn’t like. I’m biased.

So the WB Studio Tour. Even though it’s one of the more expensive tours, it didn’t disappoint and I would say it was worth it. Between Friends, Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls, it completely satisfied my need for something Hollywood. I think everyone should go on one studio tour, it’s interesting, and nothing like you’ve seen before.

After the tour we walked quite a way to the metro and decided to be adventurous and head to Koreatown for dinner. I’ll admit there was a part of me that was interested purely because of my heritage.

Luckily Jen remembered there was an Anthony Bourdain approved restaurant we could try – Beverly Soon Tofu! Even though this required us to walk through some pretty sketchy areas in the dark, wait for a seat, and suffer through hanger, the food was worth it. The stew was incredible, the bimimbap was perfectly crisp, and the waitress was perfectly annoyed by our ignorance of tofu bowls.

Wednesday: Woke up and took a short metro ride to Santa Monica where we kicked-off the morning with some bad ass chicken and waffles from Bruxie. I got the Nashville Hot chicken sandwich, and then decided I need to follow them on ig because #waffles. Next stop beach. Yes you read that right. Post chicken beach time was pretty legit sans the sun burn. I couldn’t tell if I was sweating from the meat sweats or the sun, turns out it was the latter.

Later that night we hit up Jen’s favorite ramen spot, Tatsu Ramen. While the ramen was good, I have to admit I prefer ZenBox Izakaya in Minneapolis! I know, I was surprised, too. The highlight at Tatsu was the pork bun – seriously onion-y and packed to the gills. Even with a belly full of noodles and meat, I had to have dessert — so we went to Honeymee where they infuse honey into soft serve ice cream.

Thursday: Off back to MSP, but before leaving I had one of my most memorable meals — a buttermilk donut from Primos. OH MY GOD. I can’t even describe the indulgence of this donut. It was a cross between a donut and a biscuit and loaded with butter. I still have dreams of this.

What dreams are made of
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