I mean I guess I could do both, but that seems like a LOT… aka — I don’t think I’m capable of both. Today my friend told me she wanted to focus her instagram account to a theme –  and start a blog. I KNOW, I’m blogging right now; I get that I sound like a hypocrite.

BUT I view my blog differently, as an avenue to channel my neurotic and obsessive thinking. I’m not trying to look cool. That’s the difference (in my opinion). If anything, my posts shine a light on the fact that I have many flaws and things to work through yet this year (lifetime?).

To be real, I think her venture sounds kick-ass, totally authentic to her, interesting, my problem/dilemma is the feeling of needing to keep up with the joneses. Generally I’ve learned to cope with social media because it’s not terribly hard to ignore/write-off the accounts of people I don’t know. When it’s my friend? One of my BEST friends? That’s different. That MIGHT require some therapy.

When I feel my obsessive/protective signals flare up I know that’s not a good sign. My gut is already giving me a heads up.

More to come, I guess?

Posted by:Kirby

Dogs. Food. Plants. In that order.

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