Who am I?

I’m not really sure how much you need to know about me. I’m a Twin Cities transplant hailing from the East Coast (PHL, PIT) who likes to eat, drink, and laugh. I’m not a foodie or a coffee snob. I like craft beer, but I’m not an aficionado. If I could, I would eat flaming hot cheetos every single day of my life.  Dogs > Cats, but I think cats are far more hilarious because they’re assholes. I like having a good time and taking pictures.

Why am I creating this site?

When I initially outlined this, my target audience was listed as: me. This is truly a passion project. I have a job that I care about and takes up most of my time, so this will purely be a weeknight/weekend project.

One. I’m selfish and sentimental. I want to catalog my favorite places to eat, drink, mini golf, date night, and order delivery from – I’m creating a pretty, personal, rolodex of all the places that made me realize MN is much more than I ever expected it to be (I know, I know, how rude of me). I also want to make sure I capture first experiences at new places – aka this is a good reason to go out.

Two. I’m forgetful. I’m happy and living a pretty fantastic life. I want something to look back on. I’m already finding myself digging for memories I can’t quite remember and feeling like I lost something.  Plus, I might update a website more often than the notebook I’ve been meaning to write in for the past three years (especially when you pay for the premium package, talk about putting your money where your mouth is). 

Three. I want to write for fun. I realized over the past few years, I only write when I’m sad or torn about something and I miss this part of me. I’ve fallen out of touch and I’m craving that relationship again.